The forest education and forest healing program of National Jangseong SoopCheWon is run through various themes, and each theme is composed of 4 to 5 programs.
Charges apply.

Forest Education Program

Wood 樂(Rock)

Enjoy expressing your hope and thoughts through building crafts

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Culture 樂(Rock)

Enjoy the forest experience through communion with the forest

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Human 樂(Rock)

Share happiness with people

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Eco 樂(Rock)

Realize and enjoy the value and use of the forest

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Forest Healing Program

Healing 樂(Rock)

Controlling themind and relieving stress

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Dream 樂(Rock)

Career Exploration, knocking on your dream and hope

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Happy 樂(Rock)

Strengthen the mind and body for happy golden years

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Care 樂(Rock)

Manage chronic diseases such as cancer and atopic dermatitis

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Family 樂(Rock)

Maintain family’s health and happiness

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