SoopCheWon aims to continuously preserve the forest, develop the country and society, and increase the quality of people’s lives by letting people have a correct knowledge about the forest and establish values through SoopCheWon activities.

Forest Education for Youth Groups

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The SoopCheWon program which targets elementary, middle and high school students, promotes youth’s balanced growth through health recovery by allowing them to become aware of the importance of the forest, developing eco-friendly awareness, and having physical activities in the forest.

Institution-linked and cooperated Forest Education

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The Institution-linked and cooperated Forest Education is a program that is carried out in connection with Korea Forest Service and is consisted of a free-semester system, after school academy, and training of youth under probation as well as teachers’ education.

Green Fund Forest Education

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It is a business which aims to draw social support in regards to lottery fund business and preservation and usage of forest by suggesting emotional stability and future hope for the isolated neighbors in our society who are in need of social interest and support while utilizing lottery-fund support and forest, an environment-friendly resource.

Forest Healing

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This represents an activity of increasing the level of immunity in a human body and recovering physical and mental health by using various environmental elements that exist in the forest.
※ Forest healing is not an act of disease treatment, but a healing activity which helps maintain health and increases the level of immunity.